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Our mission here at Luminex Inc. is to provide fire & life safety solutions in order to create a safer pedestrian environment, and while providing all people the ability to navigate through an egress safely & efficiently. We like to get to know each of our clients personally to offer our services in a personalized manner. We meet the needs of IBC/IFC/NFPA code compliance in a cost effective & durable manner. We are available at any time to solve all of your problems in real time; Contact us today!

Core Team
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Laura Sayour, EIT

Founder & CEO
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Neeraj Girkala

Lead Data Analyst
Team Member

Ed Osman

Lead Sales Associate
About Laura Sayour

Laura Sayour, as she completed her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from New York University in December 2015, she found that she was drawn to a career path specializing in life safety.

She held a leading position at Firecom Inc. throughout her college career. Firecom Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, & services fire alarm systems in high rise properties.

In her junior year she founded Luminex Inc., a company that specializes with ensuring photoluminescent egress path marking compliance in regards to Local Law 26 6-1/6-1A. Luminex Inc. services & maintains a business relationship with over 150 high rise commercial & residential buildings in New York City. With this Ms. Sayour, has achieved a knowledge and expertise in interfacing with the top property managers in New York City.

Ms. Sayour is incredibly passionate about pursuing her career further in life safety, while working towards her Professional Engineering license and her M.B.A for future endeavors.

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